Popular Birthday Party Themes

Posted on Mar 16th 2021


Popular Birthday Party Themes

Do you want to throw a memorable birthday party for your child? The catch is ensuring all attendees have fun and create unforgettable memories.

We know that planning a party theme can be daunting! But, creative parents need not worry! If you let your creative juices flow you can come up with an artsy party idea that inspires your child and their friends. And as an added bonus, you can feel good about an educational art-themed party! A recent American survey agrees that art education is vital to create a well-rounded individual.

Here are several of the most popular birthday party themes at Kidcreate Studio for children ages 3-10 years old.


Slime is ooey and gooey and oh so much fun! A slime-themed party is guaranteed to be a slime-tastic good time! From fluffy slime to unicorn slime the slime possibilities are endless. But beware, slime parties can be messy so be sure the children have dressed appropriately.

Kidcreate Studio - Mansfield has slime themed birthday parties!


Unicorns are so popular right now. If your child is a unicorn fan, you’re in luck because Unicorns make for a fantastic birthday party theme. Unicorns dazzle, sparkle, and shine, and unicorn-themed decorations are available in a wide array. Unicorn-themed balloons, cake, and of course a whimsical, glittery unicorn-themed art project would be a perfect addition to the party plan.

Kidcreate Studio - Mansfield is an art studio near you with Unicorn themed birthday parties.


Mermaids are another popular theme for artsy parties! Take a deep-sea dive and plan a mermaid-themed birthday party. From sunken treasure chests, sparkly mermaid tails, seashells, and sea creatures a mermaid-themed party is an underwater adventure every child will love.

Kidcreate Studio - Mansfield is an art studio near you with Mermaid themed birthday parties.


You should also consider a rainbow party theme for your little artist. ROYGBIV can’t get any cuter for a birthday party them! What’s the secret? Rainbow-themed decorations, food, and of course, a rainbow-themed art project full of all the colors of the rainbow.

Kidcreate Studio - Mansfield is art studio near you  with Rainbow themed birthday parties

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