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Nurturing the Next Picasso: Tips for Parents to Support Their Child's Artistic Development

Posted on Aug 9th 2023

If your child has a keen interest in art, nurturing their creativity and giving them the freedom to express themselves artistically can help their creative talents blossom. Learn more from Kidcreate.

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Kidcreate Offers Four Great Ways to Bring Art Education to Your Organization

Posted on Jun 8th 2023

Do you want to provide more art education for the kids in your organization but don’t have the time or resources?

Kidcreate Studio can help! We provide high-quality art classes for children 18 months-12 years of age through parks and recreation departments, school districts, daycares, preschools, care programs, private schools, and many other locations.

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Minnesota Parents Share Their Family Favorites!

Posted on May 21st 2023

Located in the heart of Eden Prairie, MN, Kidcreate Studio drew in the most votes for the best art studio in the Minnesota Parent's Choice awards for 2023.

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Be Square . . . Make a Mondrian Inspired Masterpiece!

Posted on Mar 8th 2023

Mondrian looked at the world and broke down what he saw into simple geometric shapes and colors. Kids, you can do that too!

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Faith Ringgold Masterpiece

Posted on Feb 9th 2023

Celebrate Black History Month with an art project inspired by African American artist and civil rights trailblazer Faith Ringgold.

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