How to Make Slime Bubbles

Posted on Aug 18th 2022

While there are 100’s of slime recipes out there, we love this one for its short list of ingredients, ease of making and it makes great slime bubbles! Give it a try!

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5 Ways to Organize Your Children's Art!

Posted on Aug 17th 2022

If you have young children, your house is probably overrun with art. In addition to the gazillions of drawings children create at home, once they start school they create new little masterpieces practically every day. With both wall and fridge space quickly disappearing, what are you to do with your little one's creations? Here are some ideas for organizing and displaying your children's art.

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How to Talk to Kids About Art

Posted on Aug 15th 2022

In addition to building your child's self-confidence by complimenting his or her artwork, each time your child completes a piece of work, take the opportunity to have a conversation about the artpiece.

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School Bus Doodle

Posted on Aug 9th 2022

With a few supplies and the step-by-step process in this video, we want you to follow along and create your own school bus doodle!

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Handprint Cactus

Posted on Jul 28th 2022

With a few supplies and the simple step-by-step process in this video, you can help your child create a project you are sure to cherish for years to come!

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