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Art Camps for Kids Near Me Houston (Greater Heights) - Kidcreate Studio - Houston Greater Heights

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Art Kits for Kids in Houston (Greater Heights)

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Pre-Made Art Kits Bring Kidcreate to your home!

Parents, are bored kids driving you crazy?

Are you worried that screens and video games are turning their brains to mush?

Keep your kids busy and their minds active with our new do-at-home art kits!

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Art Kits for Kids in Houston (Greater Heights)
Art Kits for Kids Near Me Houston (Greater Heights) - Kidcreate Studio - Houston Greater Heights

Available Art Kits

Window Cling Art Kit
Razzle Dazzle DIY Gem Art Kit
Holiday Art Kit Donation
How to make a Snow Globe Art Kit (4-12 years)
Holiday Clay Mosaic Art Kit (4-12 years)
Van Gogh Vase on Canvas Art Kit (4-12 years)
Field of Flowers Art Kit (4-12 years)
Glow-in-the-dark Cityscape Art Kit (4-12 years)
Clay Owl Sculpture Art Kit (4-12 years)
Oops a la Mode Art Kit (4-12 years)
Monet's Water Lilies Art Kit (4-12 years)
St. Patty's Day Rainbow on Canvas Art Kit (4-12 years)
Horsing Around Art Kit (4-12 years)
Hatchimal Art Kit (4-12 years)
Glow in the dark Rocketship Art Kit (4-12 years)
Clay Heart Trinket Box Art Kit (4-12 years) - Copy
Clay Heart Trinket Box Art Kit (4-12 years)
Bunny Bobblehead Art Kit (4-12 years)
Clay Fairy House Art Kit (4 -12 years)
Thiebaud's Gumball Machine Art Kit (4 -12 years)
Sily Birds Art Kit (4 -12 years)
How to Draw a Koala Art Kit (4 -12 years)
Clay Minion Art Kit (4 -12 years)
Picasso Portrait Art Kit (4 -12 years)
Clay Slab Unicorn Art Kit (4 -12 years)
Clay Coil Bowl Art Kit (4 -12 years)
Cartoon Puppy Art Kit (4 -12 years)
Aurora Borealis Art Kit (4-12 years)
Silly Monster Art Kit (3-6 years)
Starry Night Ghosts Art Kit (4 -12 years)
Sunset Bunnies Art Kit (3-12 years)
Clay Mosaic Art Kit (4-12 years)
Birds on a Wire Art Kit (4-12 years)
Newspaper Puppy Art Kit (4-12 years)
Slime Time Art Kit (All Ages)

How it Works

Each kit contains an easy to follow art lesson, a link to an online instructional video taught by a Kidcreate Studio art teacher, and art materials needed to create the project.

Art Camps for Kids Near Me Houston (Greater Heights) - Kidcreate Studio - Houston Greater Heights

Art Kits Near Me

Check out the art kits and purchase your child's favorite.

Art Kits Near Me

Set your child up on a table or desk with computer, tablet or phone access, and lay out all materials.

Art Kits Near Me

Follow the website link to our online instructional video, taught by a professional Kidcreate Studio art teacher.

Art Kits Near Me

Enjoy some Mommy/Daddy "Me Time", while your child learns some creativity and has some fun!

Art Kits Near Me

Say "TA-DA!" and make space on your fridge for your child's new masterpiece.

Read Our Rave Reviews

My daughter had a great time and loved playing with her slime at home.
— Erin Kueht, Posted August 1st 2022 on google
This art studio is so cute and part of a new group of businesses off of 34th by Ella and 610. Little one tried a Friday workshop and said "I love this place!"
— Denise Truong, Posted July 31st 2022 on google
My 9 year old daughter attended a summer camp and she loved it! She stated her teacher is so nice and fun and she really enjoyed making a different art project everyday! She's excited to return again.
— Lisa A Santos, Posted July 27th 2022 on google
My two year loved it and can't stop showing everyone what she created! Perfect place that allows your child to tap into their creative side. We will definitely be back!
— Nicole Metoyer, Posted July 25th 2022 on google
Such a cute little space. I took my 2 YO for studio time and he really loved all of the different stations, and the fact that he could move freely among them. He also loved the birds :)
— Audra Fryer, Posted July 24th 2022 on google
We had such a great time at my daughters 4th Birthday! The studio is bright and perfect for a little artists birthday! The staff was wonderful and everyone had a great time. The parents were given the option to leave the kids during their time, and we were all able to grab a drink and catch up downstairs! A win, win fo...
— Ruth Carruthers, Posted July 17th 2022 on google
My daughter took a 1 week art class and loved her experience. They painted, played with clay, danced, and generally had fun. Highly recommend.
— Kelley Gerace, Posted July 13th 2022 on google
Jennifer and the staff have been so great with my little one during her camp this week! She had some feelings the first day, but returned the second day like a champ and they were so accommodating and sweet to her it made the drop off and transition so easy! They were so nice and sweet when I called almost every hour t...
— Log into Facebook | Facebook, Posted July 13th 2022 on facebook
Easiest party ever as a parent! Staff was very friendly and took care of everything, even cutting and serving cake. All the kids really enjoyed the project too.
— M Rathke, Posted July 1st 2022 on google
My son LOVES this place. He always comes home excited with beautiful crafts and stories about the friends he made. The instructors are very friendly, great with the kids and super creative.
— Celesté Peterson, Posted June 29th 2022 on google
Completely blessed to have found such an amazing studio for my girls!
— Sarah Feiden, Posted June 29th 2022 on google
My kids had a blast in art camp this week!!
— Log into Facebook | Facebook, Posted June 2nd 2022 on facebook
Love this place! My daughter did the weekly home school session for messiest art class and she loved it every week and couldn’t stop talking about how much the classes were. The instructors were always friendly and helpful!
— Noel Dao, Posted May 21st 2022 on google
I signed my daughter up here for several of the sessions. Staff is very nice and it’s a fun atmosphere. Will definitely be signing her up again in the future.
— Shane Ryan, Posted May 20th 2022 on google
My daughter has done two - 4 week sessions and LOVED it! She is so proud of her work and can’t wait to show it off. The teachers are caring and patient with the kiddos and all the students leave with a smile on their faces :-) We will definitely return.
— Log into Facebook | Facebook, Posted May 20th 2022 on facebook
It's the second session we have at kidcreate studio and Miss Roxane is very kind to all the children, my son is very happy with the masterpiece
— Karla Santos, Posted May 4th 2022 on google
Took my 2.5 year old daughter for the first time recently and she loved it. She keeps asking to go to art class. The freedom to draw and paint on tables in the ‘color me happy’ class is fun for everyone
— Tran D, Posted April 29th 2022 on google
My son had a wonderful birthday party at Kidcreate! The staff was incredibly helpful and efficient in running the party. All the kids had a blast and loved taking home their own artwork. I would highly recommend!
— Tracie Browning, Posted April 12th 2022 on google
Beautiful boutique art studio for kids. We had our twins birthday party there and it was perfect! Adults can drop off their kids and let Kidcreate do the rest! So thrilled to have them in the neighborhood. We will be using them often.
— Lavone J, Posted March 29th 2022 on google
Attended a birthday party here, the staff is great! There were plenty of party artist helpers. And everyone is so good with the kids!
— Samantha Obergas, Posted March 28th 2022 on google
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