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Kidcreate Studio - Houston (Greater Heights)

Kidcreate Studio - Houston Greater Heights

1223 W. 34th Street
Suite A-500
Houston, TX 77018

Hours are Monday-Saturday during class times or by appointment.


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Are you looking for art classes for kids near Harris County, TX?

We are enrolling kids now from Harris County, and surrounding communities for our upcoming workshops, classes and camps.

Our award-winning art programs were designed with children in mind. Fun and engaging, our classes allow your children to learn valuable skills. At Kidcreate Studio - Houston (Greater Heights) we make getting messy the best!

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Mini Masters Weekly Class (18 Months-6 Years)
Mini Masters Weekly Class (18 Months-6 Years)

Tuesdays, Nov 1st - Dec 13th, 2022 at 9:30am

Let's Draw Weekly Class (5-12 Years)
Let's Draw Weekly Class (5-12 Years)

Tuesdays, Nov 1st - Dec 13th, 2022 at 4:30pm

Holiday Keepsakes Weekly Class (18 Months-6 Years)
Holiday Keepsakes Weekly Class (18 Months-6 Years)

Wednesdays, Nov 2nd - Dec 14th, 2022 at 9:30am

Messes & Masterpieces Homeschool Weekly Class (5-12 Years)
Messes & Masterpieces Homeschool Weekly Class (5-12 Years)

Wednesdays, Nov 2nd - Dec 14th, 2022 at 1:00pm

What is Kidcreate Studio?

Specializing in children's art classes, camps and art themed birthday parties, Kidcreate Studio - Houston Greater Heights is an art studio just for kids serving the greater Houston (Greater Heights) area including Harris County. At Kidcreate Studio - Houston Greater Heights, your child will create fridge-worthy masterpieces, learn art concepts, and experiment with many different art materials. Our trained art teachers are experts at fun, creativity, and learning.

At our art school for kids, we are proud to serve the Harris County community, teaching art and inspiring young artists at our painting classes for kids, drawing classes for kids, and kid's pottery classes.

Art Classes For Kids

Kidcreate art classes are a great way to introduce your child to the wonderful world of art! We provide a positive, self-esteem building environment for children to explore the visual arts. Your child will learn the basics of art and express their creativity through various mediums. Children get messy with paint, clay, and so much more! Praise your child's progress by hanging up their beautiful masterpieces on the fridge!

Weekly classes, camps, workshops and homeschool classes are age-specific and are tailored to provide each student with the curriculum that suits them best.

Art classes are available near Harris County at Kidcreate Studio - Houston (Greater Heights) for beginners to experienced kid artists. Check out the variety of classes available today!

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Kids Arts and Crafts Birthday Party - Harris County
Birthday Parties Creative Celebrations

Looking for a fun place to celebrate your child’s birthday party near Harris County? Come to Kidcreate Studio - Houston (Greater Heights). At our kids art studio, we provide parties for kids of all ages and would love to help you celebrate your child’s special day.

Kidcreate makes parties easy. At a Kidcreate birthday party, your child and friends will each create a take-home art project with the help of a Kidcreate instructor. We guarantee the party will be filled with lots of messy art fun. Best of all, when the party is done, you are done. We handle all the clean up!

Kids Painting Party Near Me - Harris County

100's of Art Projects

Art Party Place for Kids in Harris County

Birthday Crown

Kids Birthday Party Places Near Me Harris County

Giant Birthday Card Mural

Harris County Arts and Crafts Birthday Party

We Do The Clean Up!

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On-The-Go We Bring the Mess to You

At Kidcreate Studio - Houston (Greater Heights) we love to take our studio on the road! We offer mobile art lessons and activities to schools, daycares, community education departments, and many more organizations in Kidcreate Studio - Houston Greater Heights, Harris County, and surrounding cities. We also love being in the community at festivals, parties and local events in Harris County.

Let Kidcreate Studio's mobile classes help you add more art education into the lives of the kids in your organization. Imagine the enrichment possibilities that Kidcreate Studio - Houston (Greater Heights) can offer to your organization in Harris County including art lessons, classes, camps and art activities that are educational and fun for kids up to 12.

Mobile Art Classes for Daycares - Harris County


private school mobile art studio in Harris County

Charter & Private Schools

Harris County mobile art schools for preschools


Easel for Community Mobile Art Camps Near Me in Harris County

Community Programs

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Mobile Art Lessons for Kids Near Me - Harris County

Programs By Age Group

Art classes are available at Kidcreate Studio - Houston (Greater Heights) for beginners to experienced kid artists. Kidcreate Studio's curriculum is tailored to match the developmental needs of children at different ages. We offer fast-moving classes for high energy toddlers, preschool classes that encourage their growing independence, and school-aged classes that encourage creativity.

With appropriately designed projects, we keep each age group engaged and focused. From clay and sculpture to painting and drawing, we teach children all the elements of creativity. Expect a fridge-worthy masterpiece from your talented artist after every class!

Family showing pieces from art classes for kids near me - Harris County Kids showing artwork from their toddler art classes - Harris County
Harris County - Art Activity for Kids

Kiddoodlers 18 Months - 3 Years

Fast-moving and energetic. Perfect for toddlers.

Harris County - Art Activities

Kidartists 3 - 6 Years

Fun and enriching. An introduction to basic principles.

Harris County - Art Classes

Kidcreators 5 - 9 Years

Continued art exploration for elementary age students.

Harris County - Art Kids

Kidmasters 9 - 12 Years

Advanced techniques and materials.

The Benefits Of Art

Art teaches math, science, history and creativity. That's why children who participate in the arts are more likely to excel at school and in life! Children benefit from creating art as it helps build confidence, problem-solving skills, and social skills. Studies show that art education has a measurable positive impact on academics.

Harris County - Children's Art Activities

Self Esteem Art Validates a Child's Self-Esteem

Studies show that creating art can validate the uniqueness of a child, giving rise to a sense of accomplishment and to feelings of self-worth.

Harris County - Art Activities for Kids

Social Skills Art Promotes Social Growth

Artistic activities promote growth in positive social skills, including self-confidence, self-control, conflict resolution, collaboration, empathy and social tolerance.

Harris County - Toddler Art Activities

Academic Performance Art Improves Performance

Visual arts have been shown to improve writing, reading skills, interpretation of text, reasoning about scientific images and reading "readiness."

Harris County - Art Activities

Problem Solving Art Encourages Critical Thinking

Reasoning ability, intuition, perception, imagination, inventiveness, creativity, problem-solving skills and expression are among the thought processes associated with "The study of the arts."

Art Studio for Kids
Art Studio for Kids in Harris County

Another Benefit?
More Time For Mom & Dad!

Our customers' favorite time of the week is when they drop the kids off at Kidcreate Studio - Houston (Greater Heights) for an hour or more of guilt-free "ME-TIME!" They relax knowing their child is having FUN while doing something very positive for their development.

Read Our Rave Reviews

Great place to take your kids after school! The teachers here are really sweet and they always have fun activities planned out for the kiddos every week.
— Natalia Rose, Posted November 29th 2022 on google
My son celebrated his 4th birthday this last weekend and Kidscreate was amazing! They took care of everything, the staff was friendly and engaged well with the children. It was nice to take a step back and enjoy the event with my kiddo. We highly recommend Kidscreate :)
— Vanessa Medrano, Posted November 14th 2022 on google
Kidcreate is a great place to bring a child to let them create and explore different textures and techniques! Brought by 2.5 yr old who had a blast, can’t wait for him to be a bit older and more into it but he still had fun making a mess! We will for sure be back!
— Samuel Christy, Posted November 6th 2022 on google
Absolutely an amazing experience! FUN and a learning experience. My daughter loved it — we shall be back!
— Frances Hamker, Posted November 6th 2022 on google
Such a cool studio for kids! The owners and their staff were amazing! I had the pleasure to visit for a birthday party recently and it was AWESOME! Everyone did such a great job, very impressed. Highly recommend.
— Jakeitha Mims, Posted November 6th 2022 on google
Dropped off my nieces to the most receiving staff - the girls had been there before and Miss Alexis knew them and vice versa. So comforting! The girls ran up to Alexis and while were happy to see me upon pickup also said goodbye to the staff. Highly recommend!!!
— Jennifer Ban, Posted September 24th 2022 on google
Kid create is amazing.. The customer service, and the care that each of their teachers give to the students is absolutely top notch. I've never experienced a place with with my child that has given so much care and time and allowed him to have so much fun. I wish I could give them more than 5 stars I know that each of ...
— Laura Hanet, Posted September 24th 2022 on google
We love this place! They are all so sweet with the kids. So creative and a much needed place in our awesome neighborhood!
— Jeffrey Simon, Posted September 24th 2022 on google
Kidcreate has been the best thing for my kids. All their classes are unique, well thought out, and demonstrated by some of the sweetest instructors. I hosted my daughters 3rd birthday party there and it was the best decision I’ve made. The owners and teachers took all the weight of party planning off my shoulders. Ov...
— Jordan Lowe, Posted September 24th 2022 on google
This place is amazing! Wonderful place for kids to get creative and the staff is wonderful!
— Tiffany Janish, Posted September 24th 2022 on google
I had my daughters 4th birthday 🎂 party here and let me tell you. My daughter felt the excitment to celebrate her birthday with her personalized apron and happy birthday poster! They go beyond your expectations. They are very good with the children and you have the option to drop them off while you go downstairs and...
— Mrs Can, Posted September 17th 2022 on google
I had my daughter's 5th birthday party here and it was a great experience. All of the kids had a fantastic time. The owner and her team were very engaged with the kids! You could tell that they love what they do. One of the best things about the venue is that the parents are able to leave during the party. We to...
— Kathleen Ponter, Posted September 12th 2022 on google
My daughter had a great time and loved playing with her slime at home.
— Erin Kueht, Posted August 1st 2022 on google
This art studio is so cute and part of a new group of businesses off of 34th by Ella and 610. Little one tried a Friday workshop and said "I love this place!"
— Denise Truong, Posted July 31st 2022 on google
My 9 year old daughter attended a summer camp and she loved it! She stated her teacher is so nice and fun and she really enjoyed making a different art project everyday! She's excited to return again.
— Lisa A Santos, Posted July 27th 2022 on google
My two year loved it and can't stop showing everyone what she created! Perfect place that allows your child to tap into their creative side. We will definitely be back!
— Nicole Metoyer, Posted July 25th 2022 on google
Such a cute little space. I took my 2 YO for studio time and he really loved all of the different stations, and the fact that he could move freely among them. He also loved the birds :)
— Audra Fryer, Posted July 24th 2022 on google
We had such a great time at my daughters 4th Birthday! The studio is bright and perfect for a little artists birthday! The staff was wonderful and everyone had a great time. The parents were given the option to leave the kids during their time, and we were all able to grab a drink and catch up downstairs! A win, win fo...
— Ruth Carruthers, Posted July 17th 2022 on google
My daughter took a 1 week art class and loved her experience. They painted, played with clay, danced, and generally had fun. Highly recommend.
— Kelley Gerace, Posted July 13th 2022 on google
Jennifer and the staff have been so great with my little one during her camp this week! She had some feelings the first day, but returned the second day like a champ and they were so accommodating and sweet to her it made the drop off and transition so easy! They were so nice and sweet when I called almost every hour t...
— Log into Facebook | Facebook, Posted July 13th 2022 on facebook

Meet The Owners
Brian and Jennifer Collins

Brian and Jennifer Collins , Kidcreate Studio - Houston (Greater Heights)

Brian and Jennifer Collins are a dynamic duo! Both are wearing the many hats a working couple and parents of small boys wear. Like many other parents, they feel the key to any successful home and fruitful future is to plan.

That is precisely what Jennifer and Brian did when it was time for their two boys, Preston and Mason, to begin Elementary School. After Brian received his Executive MBA from Rice University, his entrepreneurial desires ignited. They began to explore further the idea of owning a small business in their community. They decided to combine Jennifer's superpowers gained from 13 years in corporate America, four years as a Preschool Director, and years of motherhood to open Houston's first Kidcreate Studio! The two are an excellent fit for this adventure; each of their strengths blends well together. Jennifer is the creative master, handling all the Studio's operations. Brian uses his Airforce, International Corporate experience, and MBA to fine-tune Jennifer's ever-growing imagination.

Translating their passion, personalities, and energy into their Kidcreate Studio will come naturally for the Collins', allowing kids to learn through fun experiences and art with enthusiastic teachers.

Collins' welcome you and your children to visit the studio, put on an apron, and create. After all, making a mess is the best at Kidcreate!

Brian and Jennifer Collins , Kidcreate Studio - Houston (Greater Heights)
Things to Do With Kids Near Me - Kidcreate Studio - Houston Greater Heights Things to Do With Kids Near Me - Kidcreate Studio - Houston Greater Heights

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