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Kidcreate Studio - Ashburn

Kidcreate Studio - Ashburn

42775 Generation Drive
Suite 180
Ashburn, VA 20147

Hours are Monday-Saturday during class times or by appointment.


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Are you looking for art classes for kids near Loudoun County, VA?

We are enrolling kids now from Loudoun County, and surrounding communities for our upcoming workshops, classes and camps.

Our award-winning art programs were designed with children in mind. Fun and engaging, our classes allow your children to learn valuable skills. At Kidcreate Studio - Ashburn we make getting messy the best!

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Paw Patrol- Marshall Workshop (18 Months-6 Years)
Paw Patrol- Marshall Workshop (18 Months-6 Years)

Saturday, Oct 16th, 2021 at 9:30am

Roar! Workshop (18 Months-6 Years)
Roar! Workshop (18 Months-6 Years)

Tuesday, Oct 19th, 2021 at 9:30am

Who Stole the Cookie? Workshop (18 Months-6 Years)
Who Stole the Cookie? Workshop (18 Months-6 Years)

Wednesday, Oct 20th, 2021 at 4:00pm

How to Draw a Cartoon Puppy Workshop (5-12 Years)
How to Draw a Cartoon Puppy Workshop (5-12 Years)

Wednesday, Oct 20th, 2021 at 5:30pm

What is Kidcreate Studio?

Specializing in children's art classes, camps and art themed birthday parties, Kidcreate Studio - Ashburn is an art studio just for kids serving the greater Ashburn area including Loudoun County. At Kidcreate Studio - Ashburn, your child will create fridge-worthy masterpieces, learn art concepts, and experiment with many different art materials. Our trained art teachers are experts at fun, creativity, and learning.

At our art school for kids, we are proud to serve the Loudoun County community, teaching art and inspiring young artists at our painting classes for kids, drawing classes for kids, and kid's pottery classes.

Art Classes For Kids

Kidcreate art classes are a great way to introduce your child to the wonderful world of art! We provide a positive, self-esteem building environment for children to explore the visual arts. Your child will learn the basics of art and express their creativity through various mediums. Children get messy with paint, clay, and so much more! Praise your child's progress by hanging up their beautiful masterpieces on the fridge!

Weekly classes, camps, workshops and homeschool classes are age-specific and are tailored to provide each student with the curriculum that suits them best.

Art classes are available near Loudoun County at Kidcreate Studio - Ashburn for beginners to experienced kid artists. Check out the variety of classes available today!

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Kids Arts and Crafts Birthday Party - Loudoun County
Birthday Parties Creative Celebrations

Looking for a fun place to celebrate your child’s birthday party near Loudoun County? Come to Kidcreate Studio - Ashburn. At our kids art studio, we provide parties for kids of all ages and would love to help you celebrate your child’s special day.

Kidcreate makes parties easy. At a Kidcreate birthday party, your child and friends will each create a take-home art project with the help of a Kidcreate instructor. We guarantee the party will be filled with lots of messy art fun. Best of all, when the party is done, you are done. We handle all the clean up!

Kids Painting Party Near Me - Loudoun County

100's of Art Projects

Art Party Place for Kids in Loudoun County

Birthday Crown

Kids Birthday Party Places Near Me Loudoun County

Giant Birthday Card Mural

Loudoun County Arts and Crafts Birthday Party

We Do The Clean Up!

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On-The-Go We Bring the Mess to You

At Kidcreate Studio - Ashburn we love to take our studio on the road! We offer mobile art lessons and activities to schools, daycares, community education departments, and many more organizations in Kidcreate Studio - Ashburn, Loudoun County, and surrounding cities. We also love being in the community at festivals, parties and local events in Loudoun County.

Let Kidcreate Studio's mobile classes help you add more art education into the lives of the kids in your organization. Imagine the enrichment possibilities that Kidcreate Studio - Ashburn can offer to your organization in Loudoun County including art lessons, classes, camps and art activities that are educational and fun for kids up to 12.

Mobile Art Classes for Daycares - Loudoun County


private school mobile art studio in Loudoun County

Charter & Private Schools

Loudoun County mobile art schools for preschools


Easel for Community Mobile Art Camps Near Me in Loudoun County

Community Programs

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Mobile Art Lessons for Kids Near Me - Loudoun County

Programs By Age Group

Art classes are available at Kidcreate Studio - Ashburn for beginners to experienced kid artists. Kidcreate Studio's curriculum is tailored to match the developmental needs of children at different ages. We offer fast-moving classes for high energy toddlers, preschool classes that encourage their growing independence, and school-aged classes that encourage creativity.

With appropriately designed projects, we keep each age group engaged and focused. From clay and sculpture to painting and drawing, we teach children all the elements of creativity. Expect a fridge-worthy masterpiece from your talented artist after every class!

Family showing pieces from art classes for kids near me - Loudoun County Kids showing artwork from their toddler art classes - Loudoun County
Loudoun County - Art Activity for Kids

Kiddoodlers 18 Months - 3 Years

Fast-moving and energetic. Perfect for toddlers.

Loudoun County - Art Activities

Kidartists 3 - 6 Years

Fun and enriching. An introduction to basic principles.

Loudoun County - Art Classes

Kidcreators 5 - 9 Years

Continued art exploration for elementary age students.

Loudoun County - Art Kids

Kidmasters 9 - 12 Years

Advanced techniques and materials.

Try A Class For Free!

We are so confident you will love everything Kidcreate Studio has to offer your child, we invite you to come to the first class for FREE! Simply fill out our free class request form, and we will help you register for your child, completely complimentary!

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The Benefits Of Art

Art teaches math, science, history and creativity. That's why children who participate in the arts are more likely to excel at school and in life! Children benefit from creating art as it helps build confidence, problem-solving skills, and social skills. Studies show that art education has a measurable positive impact on academics.

Loudoun County - Children's Art Activities

Self Esteem Art Validates a Child's Self-Esteem

Studies show that creating art can validate the uniqueness of a child, giving rise to a sense of accomplishment and to feelings of self-worth.

Loudoun County - Art Activities for Kids

Social Skills Art Promotes Social Growth

Artistic activities promote growth in positive social skills, including self-confidence, self-control, conflict resolution, collaboration, empathy and social tolerance.

Loudoun County - Toddler Art Activities

Academic Performance Art Improves Performance

Visual arts have been shown to improve writing, reading skills, interpretation of text, reasoning about scientific images and reading "readiness."

Loudoun County - Art Activities

Problem Solving Art Encourages Critical Thinking

Reasoning ability, intuition, perception, imagination, inventiveness, creativity, problem-solving skills and expression are among the thought processes associated with "The study of the arts."

Art Studio for Kids
Art Studio for Kids in Loudoun County

Another Benefit?
More Time For Mom & Dad!

Our customers' favorite time of the week is when they drop the kids off at Kidcreate Studio - Ashburn for an hour or more of guilt-free "ME-TIME!" They relax knowing their child is having FUN while doing something very positive for their development.

Read Our Rave Reviews

I had my daughter’s 7th Birthday at the kids create studio, Ashburn. From the time I booked the party till the end everything was fantastic and the communication was streamlined. I communicated with the owner directly and she was always available to discuss or answer any questions I had. There are variety of projects...
— Meera Shah, Posted October 6th 2021 on google
We had Kidcreate Studio come to our house for my daughters birthday party, we can't say enough good things about our experience. They showed up on time, was ready to go, had fun Disney music playing while the kids did there craft, were so helpful with the kids who needed it, very professional, very friendly and after ...
— Tammie Morrison, Posted August 30th 2021 on google
My 7 yo daughter attended a workshop and had a great time! She came home with tons of creative art projects. We will definitely be coming back!
— AnnMarie Clements, Posted August 23rd 2021 on google
My daughter has been to Kidcreate studio multiple times and thoroughly enjoys every camp and class she attends. She makes cute projects, gets to interact with other kids and learns many new skills. She loves showing off her projects to everyone who comes to our house. We will definitely be back for more classes and camps.
— L Stalker, Posted August 17th 2021 on google
Had our daughter’s birthday at KidCreate, and it was awesome! The craft was perfect, kids had a blast, and the planning and party couldn’t have been easier. Highly recommend Kidcreate!
— Devon Carley, Posted August 16th 2021 on google
My 5yo daughter did 1 week of camp at Kidcreate in Ashburn. She had a blast! Each day she brought home works of art! I was so impressed with the quality of the art projects! One day it was a peacock, another day a lion's head and another a bear with a giant bowtie. All adorable and all worthy to put up on the wall...
— Patricia Woo, Posted August 9th 2021 on google
Thank you for a wonderful 6th birthday party! The birthday girl had the best time. In fact, she was re-creating your countdowns in the car the next day. I signed her up for Barnyard Animals Camp in August, and Skyler had the happiest reaction at the news. Thank you for making Skyler’s first party in two years easy, f...
— Log into Facebook | Facebook, Posted August 6th 2021 on facebook
The art my 7 son made was so cool! He really enjoyed it. My favorite art he brought home was the snow globe and clay donuts!
— Sarah Grecco, Posted July 29th 2021 on google
Our kids are not “camp” kids, but they love art so we signed them up for a full day camp at Kidcreate. They said it was the “best day ever” and they adored the teacher who was “funny” and “nice.” We were super impressed by both the amount of projects and different mediums that were explored in just 1 c...
— Rebecca Grasmueck, Posted July 26th 2021 on google
My kids went to a day camp here, and loved every minute! The projects were creative and used a lot of different skills and media. The kids tried some new things, made beautiful art, and had a ton of fun. Great experience, we will definitely be coming back!
— Stephanie Siebert, Posted July 21st 2021 on google
Both kids had a great time and came home with creations they were proud of. Will definitely return!!
— Casey Davidson, Posted July 20th 2021 on google
My two year old loves taking classes at KidCreate. Meera, the owner, is awesome and the teachers are so patient and kind. My son is always so proud of his artwork! We definitely plan to take more classes in the future! Highly recommend KidCreate Ashburn.
— Log into Facebook | Facebook, Posted June 7th 2021 on facebook
Great experience for my 6yo. Will definitely be back for more classes! Very kid-friendly environment and safe yet fun. So glad to have this business in the area.
— Sarah D, Posted May 8th 2021 on google
My two year old and I had an awesome time at a trial class this past week. Meera, the owner, is awesome and the teachers are so patient and kind. My son was so proud of his artwork! We definitely plan to take more classes in the future!
— Laura Abbruzzese, Posted May 7th 2021 on google
My kiddos had a wonderful time here and came home with some really pretty things! We will be back.
— Kristy Wolfe, Posted May 6th 2021 on google
We signed up for a free class at Kidcreate and what a great experience! My daughter had so much fun and with art classes currently only being taught virtually it was so nice for her to have some hands on instruction. We were so happy with our experience we purchased the family membership and two weeks of summer camps...
— Leah Eisenberg, Posted May 6th 2021 on google
Really wonderful experience for my kids. They were thrilled with the pieces they created, and I was thrilled to drop them off in a safe and nurturing environment. The entire studio is surrounded by windows, so it was nice to be able to peek in on them. We will definitely be returning!
— Alyssa F, Posted May 6th 2021 on google
My kids had a great time participating in this craft. They have legit crafts that are actually worth the money. My kids made a rainbow out of clay. Not some lame paper craft that you will throw away in a couple weeks. We still have their rainbows :)
— Carly Sitton, Posted April 12th 2021 on google
My boys loved doing the clay craft for St. Patrick's day at Lost Rhino! The teachers were very friendly and helpful and the craft turned out great!
— Megan Perry, Posted April 10th 2021 on google
Kidcreate saved me during Covid! It was an activity where both of my girls (6 and 8) were engaged and having fun. They did beautiful art pieces that looked complicated in the beginning but really easy to do. The teachers were so fun and patient. Highly recommended!
— Carol Vu, Posted March 22nd 2021 on google

We Love Our Community!

Kidcreate - Ashburn often provides creative fun to children and groups from Loudoun County, VA as well as the following surrounding areas.

Meet The Owner
Meera Patel

Meera Patel, Kidcreate Studio - Ashburn

After recently being a stay-at-home mom for almost five years and having a passion for arts and crafts, Meera sought out a business that would promote and support creativity in kids. She wanted to feel happy and motivated to go to work every morning, and once she started researching, she discovered Kidcreate Studio and loved how art was incorporated with education! With his significant expertise in finance, Meera's husband, Nishil, will work as her business partner to handle the financial side of the business. Together, with their three young children, they hope to spread the joys of Kidcreate with their community and open their studio doors to anyone who wants to have FUN and feel like a kid again!

Meera welcomes you and your children to visit the studio, put on an apron and create. After all, making a mess is the best at Kidcreate!

Meera Patel, Kidcreate Studio - Ashburn
Things to Do With Kids Near Me - Kidcreate Studio - Ashburn Things to Do With Kids Near Me - Kidcreate Studio - Ashburn

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