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Kidcreate Studio - Eden Prairie Art Classes

Are you looking for a way to inspire your little artist? Kids that show interest in art at an early age can open themselves up to a world of benefits.

Multiple studies show the importance of early art education, and creative children are more likely to excel both in school and life. Kidcreate has art classes for kids that help children explore their creativity with fun projects!

We understand the importance of creative learning and are excited to introduce your little one to the wonderful world of art. Our programs are divided by age groups, tailored to the needs of children in different developmental stages.

If your child is interested in art, and you are searching for kid’s art classes near you, you have come to the right place! Kidcreate Studio - Eden Prairie is an art center for kids in your area that offers classes, workshops, camps, and art birthday parties.

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Art Classes for Kids Near Me Eden Prairie - Kidcreate Studio - Eden Prairie Children's Art Classes Near Me in Eden Prairie - Kidcreate Studio - Eden Prairie


Magical, Mystical Unicorns Summer Camp (5-12 Years)
Magical, Mystical Unicorns Summer Camp (5-12 Years)

Monday, Jun 27th - Thursday, Jun 30th, 2022 at 9:00am

Game On! Summer Camp (5-12 Years)
Game On! Summer Camp (5-12 Years)

Monday, Jun 27th - Thursday, Jun 30th, 2022 at 1:00pm

Parent's Time Off- 4th of July (3-9 Years)
Parent's Time Off- 4th of July (3-9 Years)

Friday, Jul 1st, 2022 at 9:00am

Slime-Tastic Summer Camp (5-12 Years)
Slime-Tastic Summer Camp (5-12 Years)

Tuesday, Jul 5th - Friday, Jul 8th, 2022 at 9:00am

Nailed It! Summer Camp (5-12 Years)
Nailed It! Summer Camp (5-12 Years)

Monday, Jul 11th - Thursday, Jul 14th, 2022 at 9:00am

Drawing as Easy as 1, 2, 3 Summer Camp (5-12 Years)
Drawing as Easy as 1, 2, 3 Summer Camp (5-12 Years)

Monday, Jul 11th - Thursday, Jul 14th, 2022 at 1:00pm

Parent's Time Off- PJ Party- Mess Mania (3-9 Years)
Parent's Time Off- PJ Party- Mess Mania (3-9 Years)

Friday, Jul 15th, 2022 at 9:00am

Mischievous Minions Workshop (4-9 Years)
Mischievous Minions Workshop (4-9 Years)

Friday, Jul 15th, 2022 at 1:00pm

Kids Art Classes Near You in Eden Prairie - Kidcreate Studio - Eden Prairie

The Benefits of Arts and Crafts

Art programs are an excellent extracurricular activity for young children, thanks to the following benefits:

Art is an incredible teaching tool and helps young children express their unique selves. With colorful construction paper, messy paints, and molding clay, children can explore their imaginations. While other academic disciplines are rigid, the arts are free-flowing. This allows children to form their own ideas, make connections, and take risks. This type of creativity opens doors in the mind, setting children up for enhanced learning.

The enhanced cognition that creativity fosters allows children to quickly develop important skills.

  • Language and Literacy
    Creative expression is a way for children to tell their own stories, drawing, painting, or molding their ideas. These connections are important for later language development and advanced reading skills.
  • Problem-Solving
    As your child explores different art forms and mediums, critical thinking and problem-solving skills are being honed. Art and craft projects are full of experimentation!
  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills
    Manipulating pens, paints, markers, and more develop your child’s fine and gross motor skills. Crafts like molding and sculpting and materials such as yarn, pipe cleaners, and paper mache teach dexterity, control, and coordination.

Thanks to the boost in cognition and skill development that creative learning provides, children exposed to early art education exceed academically. Studies have shown that creative learning improves school performance in reading, writing, interpretation, science and math.

Art programs allow children of similar ages to meet, play, and socialize in healthy ways. Watching one another express their inner creativity also leads to positive communication and empathy skills. Additionally, the problem-solving skills that creativity teaches help children to solve interpersonal problems in a healthy way.

As young children learn to express their unique imagination and creativity, they gain confidence that boosts their self-esteem. At Kidcreate Studio - Eden Prairie, we always send children home with "fridge-worthy" masterpieces so they can show off their artwork to family members! Sharing artwork with family members is another way that children can boost their confidence in their unique abilities.

Early art exposure enhances appreciation of the arts and cultural themes for young children. Parents can further encourage this interest with trips to museums, art galleries, and theaters.

Besides all these academic benefits, the arts are enriching. The feeling you get when you look at your favorite painting or read a book by your favorite author - these are just two examples of how art can change a life for the better. Children that experience creativity from a young age will lead happier, healthier lives.

Art Classes for Kids Near Me Eden Prairie - Kidcreate Studio - Eden Prairie Children's Art Classes Near Me in Eden Prairie - Kidcreate Studio - Eden Prairie

Enroll Your Child Today

Enrolling your child in our weekly art classes is a great way to encourage creativity. We provide a safe, positive environment for your child to get messy with paints, crayons, clay, glitter, pencils and more. We organize our classes by age group, so your child will have fun socializing with kids of his or her own age! If you've been looking for "art classes for kids near me," Kidcreate Studio has everything your child needs.

Besides weekly art classes, we also offer camps, birthday parties, and more. We are confident in our art programs and their ability to enrich your child’s life. To show you how much we believe in the power of art, we invite you to try a FREE class before singing your child up. Contact us today to learn more.

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Programs By Age Group

Kidcreate Studio's curriculum is tailored to match the developmental needs of children at different ages. We offer fast-moving classes for high energy toddlers, preschool classes that encourage their growing independence, and school-aged classes that encourage creativity.

Family showing pieces from art classes for kids near me Kids showing artwork from their toddler art classes
Kidcreate Studio - Eden Prairie - Art Activity for Kids

Kiddoodlers 18 Months - 3 Years

Fast-moving and energetic. Perfect for toddlers.

Kidcreate Studio - Eden Prairie - Art Activities

Kidartists 3 - 6 Years

Fun and enriching. An introduction to basic principles.

Kidcreate Studio - Eden Prairie - Art Classes

Kidcreators 5 - 9 Years

Continued art exploration for elementary age students.

Kidcreate Studio - Eden Prairie - Art Kids

Kidmasters 9 - 12 Years

Advanced techniques and materials.

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We are so confident you will love everything Kidcreate Studio has to offer your child, we invite you to come to the first class for FREE! Simply fill out our free class request form, and we will help you register for your child, completely complimentary!

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Read Our Rave Reviews

Just completed the 5 week series with my 2 year old Granddaughter. The 45 minute classes were the perfect length, taught by enthusiastic staff and the perfect, safe introduction to group art. "Arty and Crafty" were a memorable bonus!
— Barbara Koch, Posted February 9th 2022 on google
it was so much fun to celebrate our daughter's birthday at Kidcreate. it had everything I had hoped. Very attentive and detail oriented teachers, good project and fun time for kids to make a take home project..what fun!!
— varsha jaiswal, Posted October 11th 2021 on google
Super cute projects, very helpful staff and reasonable prices. We did a birthday party and all the kids had a great time.
— Andrea Romie, Posted September 19th 2021 on google
We had never been to kids create as I have two boys who are normally not that engaged with arts and craft but we decided to give it a try and I signed my 7 year old son for a one week summer camp and he absolutely loved it!. Amazing crafts, clay figures, cool paintings. He had so much fun! I highly recommend it! For a...
— Veronica Matheus, Posted September 16th 2021 on google
Our children has a memorable and fun night at KidCreate EP. They created two dinosaur projects and had fun with other children that took the class. The instructors were very kind and engaging. We will definitely be back for a future date night class or another class. Thank you!
— Jenna Downs, Posted July 1st 2021 on google
My children enjoyed Kidcreate!
— LM Crawford, Posted June 16th 2021 on google
Kidcreate Studio is amazing! Our boys have been going there for over 6 years and absolutely love it! They are so excited for all the summer camps coming up and all the fun projects! I highly recommend Kidcreate Studio for all families! It doesn't matter what artistic level or interest your kid(s) have because the staff...
— Dan Svihel, Posted April 22nd 2021 on google
It is so much fun for kids who like to be creative and have messy time. They have art classes and camps for kids who love art and crafts and they get to have their birthday party doing an art project.
— shirin ghl, Posted March 26th 2021 on google
I went there. It was fun. I loved the art projects.
— Brooklyn Cossette, Posted March 14th 2021 on google
Fun, very kid friendly, great time for everyone
— Sammie McMurray, Posted February 14th 2021 on google
This is a great place for kids who love art and getting messy! They always have fun projects that kids love to do and even have date nights for mom and dad to get away from the kiddos. They have been doing extra cleaning since covid and even are providing at home art kits for purchase!
— Jade Bollman, Posted January 7th 2021 on google
Kids Create Studio in Eden Prairie has always been one of my kids favorite places to go. From birthday parties to camps, they always have so much fun creating and the staff is so friendly and excellent. Their art themes are varied which is nice for my daughter and son - they both love it there! We have been going there...
— Betsy Mulvehill, Posted November 5th 2020 on google
Friendly staff, great place to be if your kids love craft and art.
— Rebecca Huang, Posted March 13th 2020 on google
I attended several classes here with my 4 and 5 year old sons. The classes transformed my four year old on a creative level. He was so amazed at what he could create. It's been really fun to see him doing projects at home with duct tape, boxes, stickers, markers, dabbers, pipe name it! Everyone who works...
— Jenny R, Posted March 22nd 2016 on google
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