Another Study Shows That The Arts Are Smart!

Posted on Sep 18th 2019


Another Study Shows That The Arts Are Smart!

Brooking's Study Shows That Adding Arts Education To Schools Is Smart!


A recent study by the Brookings Institution, a nonprofit public policy organization based in Washington, DC, has again confirmed that art is a smart addition to a child's education.

Arts education in our schools has been steadily declining since the 1980's. The recent trend of arts programs either being underfunded or getting cut, is largely due in part to the test-based accountability trends in our current education system. The Brooking's study examined the effects of reinvigorating school art programs through increase arts spending and partnerships with art organizations and institutions.


In the 21 schools that were part of the "treatment" group for increased art programming, schools spent about $14.67 annually per student. Students received, on average, 10 enrichment arts educational experiences across dance, music, theater, and visual arts disciplines. These arts learning opportunities were offered through before- and after-school programs, field trips, in-school performances, and teaching-artist residencies. To determine the effect off increasing art programs in partner schools, the Brookings used student demographics, attendance, disciplinary records, test score achievement, as well as, survey data from participating schools on students' school engagement and social and emotional-related outcomes.  

And what did they find?

Increases in arts educational had positive impacts on the students' academic, social, and emotional well-being.

Students at schools in the increased art group, showed a 3.6% drop in disciplinary issues, a 13% increase in standardized writing scores, and an 8% increase in their compassion for others. In addition, children showed improved school engagement and increased college aspirations.

The findings in this study provide strong evidence that education in the arts has positive impacts on children's academic and social development. Art education makes schools a more enjoyable place to be, while empowering students and giving them a sense of purpose and ownership. For more information about the Brooking's study, click here.  

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