Valentine's Day Clay Kiss Art Project

Posted on Feb 10th 2020


Valentine's Day Clay Kiss Art Project

Clay Chocolate Kiss

Nothing says "I Love You" better than a hand-made gift!

Valentine's Day is all about showing those closest to us how much we love them. And what more iconic symbol of this love is there than a HERSHEY'S KISS?

This giant version of the signature candy is a fun project to make with your kids, and serves as a wonderful homemade gift to give a loved one this Valentine's Day.

The History of Hersey's Kisses

It is not known exactly how Hersey's Kisses got their name. The most popular theory is that the candy was named for the noise or perhaps the motion of the chocolate being deposited when the Kisses are made.

Materials Needed:

  • Roll paper or plastic table cloth to cover tables (optional)
  • Air dry clay (1-2 lbs.)
  • 9" x 9" piece of tinfoil
  • White paper cut into 3/4" x 11" strip
  • Blue pen or colored pencil


  • To prepare, cover a table with paper or table cloth to protect the surface.
  • Start by grabbing a softball size piece of clay.
  • Roll the clay into a ball shape.
  • Next, roll the clay back and forth on the table while pressing on one side to form the cone shape of the top of the Kiss.
  • Then, tap the bottom of the clay on the table gently a few times to flatten, completing the Kiss shape.
  • Setting the clay aside, take your 3/4" x 11" sheet of paper and use a blue pen or pencil to write the word "kisses" over and over, just like a real Hersey's Kiss wrapper.
  • Lay the "kisses" paper strip on top of the clay so it is sticking out above the clay.
  • Tear a sheet of tinfoil to approximately 9" x 9", large enough to cover the entire Kiss.
  • Wrap up the Kiss, leaving the "kisses" strip sticking out the top.
  • TaDa! You have created a perfect Valentine's Day gift!



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