Camp Crafts- Candy Kaleidoscopes

Posted on Jun 15th 2021


Camp Crafts- Candy Kaleidoscopes

Summer time is camp time and what is more fun at camp than craft time? Nothing!!!!! Tie-dye, rock painting, weaving, bead bracelets, nature crafts, toys, and more! These are some of the classic camp crafts many parents did when they were kids. And kids still love them today!

Here is a “sweet” spin on a popular toy craft project. Design and create your very own kaleidoscope filled with tiny pieces of candy.


Kaleidoscope- a tube of mirrors containing loose colored beads, pebbles, or other small colored objects. The viewer looks in one end and light enters the other end, reflecting off the mirrors.The word is derived from three Greek words that together mean, “looking at beautiful forms.”

Kidcreate Studio Mother's Day Gift Ideas!
Kidcreate Studio Mother's Day Gift Ideas!


  • Kaleidoscope kit (available online at Oriental Trading, Amazon or Discount School Supply)
  • Roll paper for tables
  • Oil pastels or colored markers
  • Liquid watercolor (primary)
  • Brushes
  • Water containers
  • Hot glue gun and sticks
  • Small pieces of hard candy (nerds, sprinkles, crushed hard candy, etc.)
  • Tape


  • Design the outside of their kaleidoscope by drawing on the tube with oil pastels or markers. Maybe give the tube a candy theme by drawing different types of candy, or creating a peppermint striped pattern.
  • Now paint the tube with watercolor paint. You will paint right over the your oil pastel drawings. (Skip this step if you decorated your tube with markers!)
  • Candy Kaleidoscope
  • Fold the mirror paper into a triangle along the perforations and secure with tape. Slide the triangle into the end of the tube.
  • Put the candy into the end piece that doesn't have a hole in it. Leave enough room for the clear piece to fit inside and for the candy to move around a little to change the patterns inside the kaleidoscope.
  • Place the clear circle on top of the candy and hot glue this piece to the end of the tube.
  • Place the other plastic end (the one with a hole for viewing) on the tube.
  • Ta-Da! You've done it! Turn the tube slowly while looking through the hole to see the color patterns change.


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