Are You Creative?

Posted on Mar 29th 2018


Are You Creative?

Creativity is the ability to look at the world in a unique, nontraditional way. It is being different. Everyone is creative. However, not all of us believes that we are creative as we think that creativity must be a complex thing. Others believe that creativity takes training or practice. Still others believe that some are born with it, while others are not. Not true. The way you respond to the world is the way you show your personal creativity. In fact, your answers to a series of simple questions will show you just how creative you are. And, I promise . . you are creative.
  1. What would happen if the sky was not blue?
  2. If your pet could talk like people, what is the first thing it would say to you?
  3. What would happen if parents had to attend school with their kids each day?
  4. What would happen if there was no such thing as email, texting, or online chatting?
  5. What would happen if flowers grew in the snow?
  6. What would happen if salads were made out of candy?
  7. What would happen if bunnies had long necks like giraffes?
  8. What would happen if you got up in the middle of class and started to dance?
  9. What would happen if oil and water did mix?
  10. What would happen if black was white and white was black?
  11. What would happen if yesterday was today?
  12. What would happen if there were "do overs"?
  13. What would happen if you did not dot your "i's" and cross your "t's"?
  14. What would happen if the boogey man was real and was not scary?
  15. What would happen if you could take a ride on a cloud?
So now that you know that you are creative, consider delving deeper into your creative mind. Do this by trying something new. Is there an activity that has always intrigued you, but you never tried? Or, consider doing your favorite activity in a slightly different way. These changes do not have to be great. They can be little alterations in the way you do things, or slightly different paths to arrive at a familiar place. You will be surprised as to what you learn about yourself and the fun you will have on this road to self-discovery. .


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