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Savage Mobile Art Studio Near Me

OUT OF THE STUDIO Serving the Greater Savage Area

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ON-THE-GO We Bring the Mess to You

Let Kidcreate On-The-Go Studio help you add more art education into the lives of the kids in your organization. With our On-The-Go Studio, you can bring the great art curriculum and teachers from our studios directly to your kids.

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Public, Charter & Private Schools

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Programs By Age Group

Kidcreate Studio's curriculum is tailored to match the developmental needs of children at different ages. We offer fast-moving classes for high energy toddlers, preschool classes that encourage their growing independence, and school-aged classes that encourage creativity.

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Kidcreate Studio - Savage - Art Activity for Kids

Kiddoodlers 18 Months - 3 Years

Fast-moving and energetic. Perfect for toddlers.

Kidcreate Studio - Savage - Art Activities

Kidartists 3 - 6 Years

Fun and enriching. An introduction to basic principles.

Kidcreate Studio - Savage - Art Classes

Kidcreators 5 - 9 Years

Continued art exploration for elementary age students.

Kidcreate Studio - Savage - Art Kids

Kidmasters 9 - 12 Years

Advanced techniques and materials.

The Benefits Of Art

Art teaches math, science, history and creativity. That's why children who participate in the arts are more likely to excel at school and in life! Children benefit from creating art as it helps build confidence, problem-solving skills, and social skills. Studies show that art education has a measurable positive impact on academics.

Kidcreate Studio - Savage - Art Activities

Self Esteem Art Validates a Child's Self-Esteem

Studies show that creating art can validate the uniqueness of a child, giving rise to a sense of accomplishment and to feelings of self-worth.

Kidcreate Studio - Savage - Art Activities

Social Skills Art Promotes Social Growth

Artistic activities promote growth in positive social skills, including self-confidence, self-control, conflict resolution, collaboration, empathy and social tolerance.

Kidcreate Studio - Savage - Art Activities

Academic Performance Art Improves Performance

Visual arts have been shown to improve writing, reading skills, interpretation of text, reasoning about scientific images and reading "readiness"

Kidcreate Studio - Savage - Art Activities

Problem Solving Art Encourages Critical Thinking

Reasoning ability, intuition, perception, imagination, inventiveness, creativity, problem-solving skills and expression are among the thought processes associated with "The study of the arts."

Read Our Rave Reviews

We love kidcreate in Savage. My son who is 9 has attended multiple classes at the studio, took a community education class at our elementary and just last weekend had his birthday at the studio. All of the instructors we have had have been fantastic. They make art fun! We look forward to taking more art classes at kids...
— Chelle rabenhorst, Posted November 8th 2019 on google
I booked a birthday party for my four-year-old, and she and her friends loved it! Staff was awesome, studio was very nice and clean, the kids were engaged, and everyone had a good time. I got tons of compliments from the parents as well, they all seemed to enjoy the experience. Everything was very well organized!
— Barbara W., Posted September 17th 2019 on google
My 6-year old daughter has attended several art camps at Kidcreate Studio. She loves the variation in camp themes and the opportunity to unleash her creativity. She's enjoyed every one of the art teachers, and I'm always impressed that they're able to guide these groups of enthusiastic artists as well as they do. My da...
— Katrina Post, Posted September 9th 2019 on google
My 4.5 yr old Daniel absolutely loved the summer camp here! He brought home his first “Pollock” and at least 8 more projects, whoa, mommy was happy! We did a PNO and a summer camp and they were both excellent. They do a wonderful job of recruiting good and responsible talent. Absolutely clean, full of creative mat...
— Sarah Johansson, Posted September 5th 2019 on google
"We had our daughters 7th Birthday Party 🥳 at Kidcreate. It was wonderful. All the kids had a fun time and everything was taken care of for us. The workers there go with the flow and really enjoy crafts with the kids!"
— Loretta Gregory, Posted April 11th 2019 on google
My daughter has attended several camps at the studio and just loves it there! Our home is full of her art creations. She also had her birthday party there and they made a unicorn canvas and slime! They provide everything you need and take care of all the clean-up. My kids not only have fun here but they learn too! The...
— Dawn Guth, Posted October 20th 2018 on google
We attended an Open House, and it was so much fun for the kids. My boys loved it!
— Jeris Swanhorst, Posted October 12th 2018 on google
This studio is open, bright and so inviting for kids. My daughters (9 and 5) love the crafts they have made in both classes and their open house. The staff is very friendly and accommodating. So many classes to choose from! (Highly recommend the Willy Wonka class!)
— Kristin Kraemer, Posted October 12th 2018 on google
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