Halloween Candy Craft

Posted on Oct 13th 2021


Halloween Candy Craft

Spooky Candy Graveyard

Here Is A Fun Way To Turn Some Of Your Child's Halloween Candy Into Art! If Your Kids Like Making Gingerbread Houses, They Will Love This Project!


  • One Piece of Cardboard - Square or Round (to use as a base)
  • Chocolate Frosting
  • For Tree - Brown Air Dry Clay, Brown Play Dough, Brown Model Magic or Homemade Brown Model Magic (Click Here for our Homemade Model Magic Recipe)
  • For tree Branches & Leaves - Brown or Black Pipe Cleaners or Small Sticks (about 7 per child) and Yellow, Orange and Red Tissue Paper Cut into Squares
  • For Fence - Candy Corn or Other Colorful “Fence Like” Candy
  • For Grave Stones - Grey or Brown Model Magic or Mini Candy Bars
  • For Ghost - Ghost Shaped Marshmallow, 2 Regular Marshmallows or White Model Magic
  • Plastic Forks and Knives
  • Craft Glue
  • Black Marker


  • First, start by making the tree out of clay or play-dough. Begin by making a thick log shape. Stand your log upright and create roots at the base by pinching the clay. Make sure the tree is stable and can stand on its own. Add bark texture by running a fork along the trunk lengthwise.
  • Set your tree on top of the cardboard. Using your fingers, blend it into the cardboard at the base so it will stay in place. You can even add a little craft glue to the bottom if desired.
  • Next, add branches to the tree with your pipe cleaners (or sticks). If using pipe cleaners, you can make them look twisted by wrapping them around your finger and then unwinding them. Add more clay or play dough at the top if necessary to hold the branches in place.
  • Now it’s time to add the leaves to your trees. Take out your tissue paper squares. Grab the middle of a square, twist a little then dip it in glue and stick it on your tree’s branches.
  • It’s time to add some chocolate! Spread chocolate frosting onto the top of your cardboard base. Make sure it goes all the way to the edges and is nice and thick!
  • Next, wash hands. :)
  • Place candy corn or other colorful candy around the edge of your cardboard creating a candy fence.
  • Wash hands again. :)
  • Now onto the gravestones. Use model magic (brown and grey) to make a few gravestones. Or dig in your candy bag for “tombstone shaped” candy bars. If using model magic, you can use black markers to scribble little lines for text. Or add an epitaph- R.I.P is a popular one! When complete, place your tombstones in the chocolate frosting on your board.
  • Time for a spooky ghost! You can make a ghost out of white Model Magic, ghost-shaped marshmallows, or two stacked regular marshmallows. Add a face to your ghost with black marker.
  • Ta-da - Your masterpiece is complete!

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