Summer Camps For
Kids Near You
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Summer Camps For
Kids Near You
in Bloomfield

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Do Summer Camps Help Kids?

It’s time to begin those summer plans once more. When you consider that you only get 18 precious summer breaks with your kids, the question of what to prioritize - what will have a lasting impact with memories to cherish? - becomes all the more pressing. You may find yourself wondering, how do summer camps fit in with your plans? Are they helpful to kids? We at Kidcreate Studio - Bloomfield are confident that you will find our art focused summer camps near you are educational, impactful and fun!

Your child will come away from one of our camps with new skills and memories to cherish for a lifetime - and that is what summer camp is all about.

It turns out that there are some well established benefits of camps for kids. Camps have the unique ability to provide an immersive experience for children. In this environment children explore new activities, build new skills and become part of a community made up of their peers and adults that serve as role models. Some of these relationships may even last a lifetime. The memories certainly will.

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Summer Camps for Kids Near Me Bloomfield - Kidcreate Studio - Bloomfield Things to Do With Kids Near Me - Kidcreate Studio - Bloomfield


Candy Shop Camp (4-9 years)
Candy Shop Camp (4-9 years)

Monday, Feb 19th - Friday, Feb 23rd, 2024 at 9:00am

More Slime, Please! Camp (4-9 Years)
More Slime, Please! Camp (4-9 Years)

Monday, Feb 19th - Friday, Feb 23rd, 2024 at 1:00pm

Mess to the Max! Camp (4-9 years)
Mess to the Max! Camp (4-9 years)

Monday, Mar 25th - Friday, Mar 29th, 2024 at 9:00am

Gem-Tastic Camp (4-9 years)
Gem-Tastic Camp (4-9 years)

Monday, Mar 25th - Friday, Mar 29th, 2024 at 1:00pm

*Summer Camp Open House
*Summer Camp Open House

Saturday, Apr 20th, 2024 at 11:00am

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Summer Camp Benefits

Some of the known benefits of camp include the following:

Self-Esteem and Confidence Building
Exposure to new experiences and challenges can develop a child’s self-esteem and confidence by giving them the opportunity to see themselves as they excel at new activities, overcome fears and succeed in new roles.
Socialization. Teamwork. Friendship.
As kids navigate their way through the activities at camp they will naturally find themselves building bonds with their peers. Many camp activities focus on teamwork. In this safe environment kids are able to build their social skills while interacting with peers from varying backgrounds.
Independence and Resilience
The time at camp away from mom and dad - even if just for a few hours - allows a child to depend on their inner voice and to begin to build a sense of identity. Exposure to the many new activities and people at camp will naturally foster growth. This growth will include an awareness of one’s strengths and weaknesses. This greater understanding of self will contribute to more self-reliance for the child. As the child becomes more practiced in trusting his or her self, and as the child faces challenges, their resilience in difficult situations will be enhanced.
Screen-Free Play
An important aspect to a healthy life in our modern world is moderated screen time. While at camp, the screen-free play will not only be filled with fun moments that allow a child to live and learn in the present, but also promote healthy living habits. Being active, being in the moment, and positive social interactions are all crucial aspects of a healthy life and they are all present at camp during each screen-free activity.

In addition to these valuable benefits, summer camps near you like those offered at Kidcreate Studio - Bloomfield have some additional advantages.

Kidcreate Studio - Bloomfield offers summer camps for kids near you in Bloomfield.

Benefits Of Art Summer Camp

Our camp activities are specifically designed to engage each child’s imagination and creativity. The crafts at our camps will present children with the opportunity to develop their fine motor skills, express themselves through art, and the chance to create something entirely unique. In fact, arts and crafts have the ability to benefit children in many ways. Some of these benefits include quantifiable knowledge like pattern and shape recognition. Other benefits are more difficult to measure but are also invaluable.

Art is self-expression. This is why art can be such a useful tool for childhood. Children are developing the necessary skills to communicate with others. Any activity that can expand their ability and understanding of self-expression, and that gives them more tools for expression will be invaluable.

When children are given the opportunity to use art in their play they learn and develop multiple motor skills at once. For example, drawing is uniquely useful in the improvement of fine motor skills. The specialized movements of the hand, wrist and fingers are put to the test every time your child picks up a crayon or pencil. The same muscles developed in these movements will later help a child learning to dress themselves, tie their shoes or write their name.

In our art camps children are both given the freedom to create artwork their own way as well as see the artwork created by others. This exposure to seeing something done in a multitude of ways can build a child’s awareness that there is not one correct way to do everything. And thinking creatively can solve problems or lead to the creation of something beautiful.

Each of these benefits are always a part of Kidcreate Studio - Bloomfield camps and classes, and your child will profit from attending our events throughout the year. Our award-winning curriculum is tailored to the needs of each age group. This means your child will learn at an appropriate pace while interacting with children of similar ages.

Kidcreate Studio - Bloomfield Camps

If you are searching for kids camps near you in Bloomfield, Kidcreate Studios is the perfect place for you.

Creative Learning

The best part about creative learning is that it offers children a break from the rigorous setting of the classroom. While the kids explore the wonderful world of art, they’ll be having so much fun they won’t even realize they’re learning.

Kidcreate Studio - Bloomfield offers art camps for children near you in Bloomfield.

Fun Projects!

Kidcreate Studio has plenty of fun art projects for kids to get messy and creative! We have a variety of mediums we use and teach children so they’ll experience everything that art has to offer. At the end of the day, the kids can take their projects home to hang up on the fridge.

Kidcreate Studio - Bloomfield - top kids camps near you in Bloomfield

Fun For All Ages!

All of our camps are specially tailored to meet the needs of the different age groups we serve at Kidcreate. Our camps are available to Kidartists (3-5 years), Kidcreators (5-9 years) and Kidmasters (9-14 years). Kids have a chance to learn and play with children their own age and create long-lasting friendships.

Best Kids Camps Near You in Bloomfield - Kidcreate Studio - Bloomfield

No More Boredom!

Tired of hearing the famous phrase "I'm bored"? At Kidcreate art camps, there is never any boredom. Our classes are fast paced, fun, and engaging.

Programs By Age Group

Kidcreate Studio's curriculum is tailored to match the developmental needs of children at different ages. We offer fast-moving classes, camps and events for school-aged children, which encourage creativity.

Family showing pieces from art classes for kids near me Kids showing artwork from their toddler art classes
Kidcreate Studio - Bloomfield - Art Activities

Kidartists 3 - 6 Years

Fun and enriching. An introduction to basic principles.

Kidcreate Studio - Bloomfield - Art Classes

Kidcreators 5 - 9 Years

Continued art exploration for elementary age students.

Kidcreate Studio - Bloomfield - Art Kids

Kidmasters 9 - 14 Years

Advanced techniques and materials.

Try A Class For Free!

We are so confident you will love everything Kidcreate Studio has to offer your child, we invite you to come to the first class for FREE! Simply fill out our free class request form, and we will help you register for your child, completely complimentary!

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Summer Art Camps for Kids Near Me Bloomfield - Kidcreate Studio - Bloomfield Kids Summer Camps Near Me in Bloomfield - Kidcreate Studio - Bloomfield

Kidcreate Studio - Bloomfield Summer Camps Near You

After having experienced one of our summer camps near you, your child may want to return again and again. No problem! We offer an array of affordable camp programs, not just those for the summer months, but also camps for younger kids not yet in school, camps during school breaks, and of course you are always welcome to register for upcoming classes and workshops. All of our programs are designed to thrill your child, boost confidence and encourage creativity through high-quality screen-free activities.

When you consider the multitude of ways that summer camps can help a child in their growth and development, you will see that a Kidcreate Studio - Bloomfield camp is exactly the kind of activity to prioritize when building your summer plans.

You need not search further for “summer camps near me.” The camps offered by Kidcreate Studio - Bloomfield are the ideal camp for any child!

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Read Our Rave Reviews

We had our daughter's birthday party here and it was great. The staff was wonderful. The kids were engaged the entire time. The parents had a great time and enjoyed watching their children create! The staff was kind and helpful. They led the group with ease. This is a fantastic choice to host a birthday party!
— Roni Schneider, Posted September 18th 2023 on google
My kids absolutely loved the art class I signed them up for. They are already asking to come back again!
— Lori Boyle, Posted August 14th 2022 on google
Highly recommend for kids of all ages! We just had my daughter’s 5th birthday there with 12 little kiddos. I was extremely impressed by the staff. Very talented artists who were able to keep the attention of a bunch of littles for over an hour! They were excellent at taking the kids step-by-step while allowing them a...
, Posted March 5th 2023 on facebook
Had a great experience hosting our girls 8th birthday party here. Rachel and Ray sure know how to run a kids party. Highly recommend. Thanks ladies!
— Yuanjing Pursell, Posted November 20th 2022 on google
We had a birthday party for a kindergartener here. Everything went very smoothly and the staff was great at helping us out from start to finish. Our birthday girl didn’t want to leave!
— Tiffany B, Posted September 17th 2022 on google
My daughter really enjoys the art studio. She's completed 3 camps and has asked me to sign her up for more. She comes home with all this wonderful artwork. I'll recommend this studio to any child that's interested in creating things. Their themes are really cute!!!
— Koree williams, Posted June 26th 2022 on google
Staff is super friendly and helpful. I love how you can drop in or do just an afternoon in the summer. We are excited for the fall schedule to come out. 4 week classes are the best for busy schedules.
, Posted July 31st 2022 on facebook
My boys loved their week of art camp. We will definitely be back for another class. Keep up the great work for kids.
— Megan Stowers, Posted July 25th 2022 on google
My daughter had fun at 2 of the summer camps and was always so excited about the projects they made. Staff was friendly. Would recommend
— Hila Yaari Levy, Posted July 24th 2022 on google
Great job thanks
— Adam Berk, Posted July 4th 2022 on google
Amazing birthday parties. Highly recommend!
— Erica Bak, Posted June 14th 2022 on google
Fatema and her team were nothing short of outstanding. Kindergarten guests described it as the “best birthday party ever.” The team was very professional and courteous. Interacted well with all guests. Kept the party going a good pace, taking into consideration unique factors. Great birds, fun circle time, great q...
— Jenelle Hao-Galera, Posted May 10th 2022 on google
Hosted my daughters 6th bday party here. Great experience, the kids had a blast, and the staff was awesome!
— Aaron Freedman, Posted March 19th 2022 on google
Just had a birthday party there and was amazing. Super friendly staff, very helpful. Facility was very clean and very covid conscious!
— Stephany Shvartsman, Posted January 2nd 2022 on google
My daughter did a class there for the first time. She was nervous for me to leave but the staff were very friendly and did a great job! She cant wait to go back!
, Posted December 24th 2021 on facebook
A lot of fun!! A very kind staff!
— Gabrielle Hinz, Posted December 19th 2021 on google
We had our daughters 8th bday party here and it was a great experience. The staff were friendly and very helpful. The kids had a great time. I would highly recommend this place to family and friends.
— Brooke Tobia, Posted November 14th 2021 on google
We celebrated my son’s 7th birthday with 12 kids. Everything was ready for us upon our arrival. Great job from the staff engaging the kids in the project and helping them creating a beautiful craft to take home. Everyone had a great time during the party! Highly recommended!
— Patricia Cazala, Posted November 14th 2021 on google
Amazing place for art lovers. Lots of variety for doing different projects. Very helpful and friendly staff. I held my kids’ birthday party at kidcreate studio and they had a great time.
— Hatim Burhani, Posted October 17th 2021 on google
My son enjoyed the art classes, he loved making a cookie out of clay and decorating it , magical mud mosaic class was equally interesting, the teachers were very encouraging and that kept him doing his best , love the ambiance of the studio , makes my kid super excited every time we are there , owner is very friendly a...
— Fatema Bhagat, Posted October 2nd 2021 on google
Things to Do With Kids Near Me - Kidcreate Studio - Bloomfield Things to Do With Kids Near Me - Kidcreate Studio - Bloomfield

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